All you need to know: eyeshadow base

ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base, Urban Decay Primer Potion

I’ve mentioned this product as one of those products you must-have, and here is a post about eyeshadow base and why is it a must-have product.  Since this is something I haven’t really mentioned Aas I should have, I decided to write a longer post about eyeshadow base in case some of you don’t know what is an eyeshadow base for.

Eyeshadow base is simply one of my greatest discovery since I’ve been using makeup (which is almost 10 years now) and who ever came up with this product – I’m so grateful! It’s unbelievable how easier the whole makeup process a thing like this can make, and it’s  making me even happier to use makeup (eyeshadows) when I know they’ll last for who-knows-how-many-hours and look exactly as if I just put them on.

The purpose of eyeshadow base is simple – it prepares your eyelids for eyeshadow so the eyeshadow could last longer on your eyelids. You who have oily eyelids probably know how it’s easy for an eyeshadow to simply disappear like it’s never been there. Perhaps you don’t have oily eyelids, but still, eyeshadows don’t last as you want them to and that’s why you must use an eyeshadow base.

Beside the eyeshadow base makes you eyeshadows last longer, it also helps with few other things:

  • makes oily eyelids drier
  • eyeshadows apply easier and nicer (eyeshadows seems to be softer, more satin or something like that)
  • colors are more vivid than they would be on bare skin
  • eyeshadows blend easier

I’ve been using catrice Stay On! eyeshadow base for almost 2 years now (unfortunately, it seems this product is now discontinued) and I’ve been thrilled with it! Since this eyeshadow isn’t available anymore, I’m recommending few other eyeshadow base that are also known to be good:

  • ArtDeco eyeshadow base – available in every drugstore that has ArtDeco counter, price is a bit above 50,00kn ($10.00)
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion – I suppose you’ve all heard about this one and it’s not necessary for me to say anything more
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance – available at  Sephora, it costs $17.00

Don’t be sorry to invest money in this product, it’s really worth every penny and you won’t regret that!

Here’s few more photos!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance


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5 Responses to All you need to know: eyeshadow base

  1. calmy says:

    mislim da je too faced baza ipak malo jeftinija..sjećam se da mi je netko na forumu rekao kako košta oko 110 kn. a kupila sam nedavno i jednu njihovu paleticu u sephore (sjenila, ruževi, rumenilo) i platila ju 150kn, pa mi je malo nelogično da je baza skuplja od sveg tog :/ ali najbolje bi bilo provjeriti ;)

  2. beautyaddict says:

    @calmy – a ja sam negdje pročitala 200kn. Uglavnom, budem provjerila. :) Možda sam ju zamijenila sa nekim drugim proizvodom. :)

  3. tropical says:

    too faced shadow insurance nema u avenue mallu, osim u nekoj paleti (kao i urban decayov uostalom) ali ima u sephori u west gate-u i košta 110kn. u paleti koje ima u avenue mallu je oko 230kn.

    imam i ja preporuku- e.l.f. mineral eyeshadow primer kojeg imam nakon godina korištenja art deco-ove baze i jednog izleta sa manhattan bazom ova je preodlična! bolja od art decoove, a košta- bijedne 3 funte.

  4. calmy says:

    to si mi ti tropical rekla, ako se ne varam ? :D
    ujme, ja sam mislila da ju ima i u AM, do west gate-a doć nikad :(

  5. beautyaddict says:

    Očito sam nešto zamijenila, uglavnom, ispravljena cijena! :)
    Hvala cure! :)

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