Beauty review: Oriflame Swedish Spa Sea Algae Purifying Face Mask

I’ve mentioned Oriflame Swedish Spa Sea Algae product line already on this blog, and if you’ve read my review for Oriflame Swedish Spa Sea Algae peeling, than you know how much I love this product line and that I recommend it to everyone, no matter your skin type.

Swedish Spa Sea Algae skin care products:

  • Swedish Spa Sea Algae Invigorating Face Scrub
  • Swedish Spa Sea Algae Mineral Face Mist
  • Swedish Spa Sea Algae Beauty Treatment Serum

Swedish Spa Sea Algae Purifying Face Mask consists of 4 x 10 ml packaging. On the one hand, this is practical, but on the other hand, this type of packaging simply contains too much of product (10 ml) which is too much for one use and because of that either you’ll have to throw away what’s left after applying it or you’ll have to apply it thicker. Since I don’t like to throw products that I like, I rather apply it thicker and leave it on my face until it’s completely dry. It should be left on face for about 10 minutes, but I leave it much more then that, more than 20 minutes because I like how my skin feels soft and smooth after I rinse it off.

Though I like the packaging, it would be easier to use it if it was in a tube instead of a square container. And I’ll probably get a brush or something to apply it cause I hate using my fingers.

As far as quality is concerned, I’m thrilled with this mask and I’ll definitely purchase it again after I use all of my stock. This mask removes excess oils and impurities, and it also helps reveal a healthy-looking complexion. Skin is nourished and rehydrated. I use i once in 2 weeks, that’s really enough.

This product is available through the Oriflame catalog for 59,00 kn ($12.00) and for that price you get 40 ml of product. Ofcourse, from time to time Oriflame has sales so it’s available cheaper.

The bottom line is – I recommend this product. I also recommend Swedish Spa Seal Algae products in general because this product line awesome and worth trying.



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One Response to Beauty review: Oriflame Swedish Spa Sea Algae Purifying Face Mask

  1. mona says:

    I also used it but found too sticky while washing off with water. It doesn’t remove completely. So I used wet cotton balls to remove & didn’t find it great. :-(

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