Beauty review: Ellis Faas Creamy Lips – L101

ellis faas creamy lips

I won this lipstick in a giveaway and I received it somewhere in April, if I remember correctly. I was testing it then, but yesterday I tested it again just to be sure and here is finally my review about it.

The packaging is amazing! Looks a bit like something from the SF novels :D At first, you could think it’s a fancy pen, but instead there’s a sponge applicator on the inside. It actually works like any pen illuminator od concealer – you have to turn the bottom part of it to get the texture out to apply it. All in all – it looks really nice. The L101 shade is the only shade with a name – Ellis Red, and it is also the only shade that come in all textures – Creamy Lips, Milky Lips and Glazed Lips. Each texture has 9 different shades, and the shades of Creamy Lips formula go from L101 (Ellis Red) to L109. :) The texture of L101 shade is indeed soft, creamy and very pleasant on lips. Once applied, the texture somehow absorbs which makes it be more lasting.

There is something I *really* don’t like about this lipstick – the sponge applicator or, the way it is applied on lips. No matter how I tried to apply it, it seems to look uneven on my lips which I hate. Also, the texture emphasizes any imperfection there is on the lips. :(

The regular price of this lipstick is 21 GBP,  and for that you get 2.8. ml amount of the product. Yes, that’s really small amount. It looks like one 1 ml costs approx. $10. :/ I don’t know, but no matter how much I like the packaging and the feel of texture on my lips, I can’t get over the bad application. It’s gotta be more than that. :/

If you’re interested in Ellis Faas, you check out their official website – link!


Check out more photos and how it looks on lips!

ellis faas creamy lips

ellis faas creamy lips

ellis faas creamy lips

ellis faas creamy lips

ellis faas creamy lips

ellis faas creamy lips

ellis faas creamy lips

ellis faas creamy lips


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6 Responses to Beauty review: Ellis Faas Creamy Lips – L101

  1. Dorotea says:

    hahahah jako gadno izgleda kad izlazi iz spužvice xD
    ali boja ti jako lijepo stoji!
    znam da kookolaroo s yt-a (il kak se već žena zove) ima hrpu njezinih stvari i da ih jako voli, ali mislim da su stvarno preskupe :o
    Dorotea´s last blog post ..Tag- 7 random things

    • beautyaddict says:

      Da, mene asocira na crviće xD I boja je lijepa ali eto, nije mi baš *toliko* posebna. Mislim da ima ipak boljih ruževa od ovih. :)

  2. _LMC says:

    Ajme kako jezivo izgleda kad izlazi :eek: :D
    _LMC´s last blog post ..Lez Be Friends

  3. Gejba says:

    Kakva super boja i usne. <3
    Gejba´s last blog post ..Giveaway- Essence Eclipse and Return To Paradise

  4. Thank you for review. EF products look amazing :)
    Marina(Makeup4All)´s last blog post ..Urban Decay Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

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