Beauty review: essence nail polish corrector pencil

This is a quite useful product if you’re often using nail polishes, especially if you’re not that precise at applying nail polish (or either you are but sometimes just applying ain’t perfect). I think I purchased it for the 3rd time, and definitely not the last. :)

There isn’t really much to say about it except that it’s great o have it near if you painted your skin around nails, instead only painting your nails. :D It’s actually a great deal too because you get 3 additional peaks which are on top of the pencil. I don’t know how good are any other products this type, but I suppose they work the same. Little advice: before removing any excess nail polish with the pencil, try removing that excess with a wooden stick or something like that, then let the rest of it to dry a bit, and then remove everything that’s left. That way your peak won’t get too “dirty” and you can use it more than once. :)

I think it costs approx. $4 which is a good deal since you get 3 additional peaks, plus it’s worth trying since it’s not expensive. It’s also perfect if you’re traveling,  always carry it with me. :)


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11 Responses to Beauty review: essence nail polish corrector pencil

  1. Tavia says:

    I’m really happy to read this post. I actually bought Essence nail polish remover pen and I haven’t tried it yet so it’s nice to see that u got this one. I want to link to this article when I will post my review, if I will forget please remind me. I think they are similar products. :) Mine doesn’t have to spear peaks. I used to have a great one from Peggy Sage and it was great. :)
    Tavia´s last blog post ..Kanebo Coffre D’Or Makeup Collection for Summer 2010

    • beautyaddict says:

      Hi Tavia! Glad you like this post and I will remind you if you forget to link to it :)

  2. Lendoxia says:

    sjajno, u planu mi je ovo kupit vec neko vrijeme, samo nikako se odlucit, a ovo ce valjda sluzit kao poticaj kad iduci put dodjem do essence standa
    Lendoxia´s last blog post ..NOTD:Going to the bottom

  3. Čoksa says:

    Dugo sam ovo zagledala.. nekoliko puta uzela u ruku i vraćala.. i napokon sam kupila i moram reći da dijelim oduševljenje s tobom.. stvarno odlična stvarčica.. a tako jeftina i još je dobiju rezervni nastavci.. čista 5..

    • beautyaddict says:

      Je, jako štosna stvarčica, nije skupa a baš je korisna kad se negdje nešto sa strane zamulja.
      Ja sam ovo kupila nakon što sam poludila zbog štapića za uši jer uvijek skinem i ono što ne trebam, a ova olovka je jako precizna tako da joj se stalno vraćam :D

  4. beudy says:

    i use it for years, it’s a cheap and really good product
    beudy´s last blog post ..QUAD COLOUR 3

  5. Bumbelbee says:

    i ja imam dvije, odlične su i masu praktične
    jedna je essence, a druga ebelin ;)
    korisno i praktično ;)

  6. sandy says:

    I ja imam jednu već duže vrijeme, mislim oko 3 mjeseca. Stvarno fantastičan proizvod i vrlo praktičan.

  7. Paige says:

    Hey, I was looking for this pencil to buy it, and unfortunately I don’t find anything online. and I find your article, and blog so I read the post about the essence nail polish corrector pencil. I have one question, do you know where I can find it Online ? The problem is that I live in France and sometimes shipping isn’t possible (why am i living there ?)
    Sorry for my english, i understand it well, but for speaking or writting it’s a big deal !
    Thanks for your answer
    Paige´s last blog post ..Sales … Again

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