Beauty review: Labello Fruity Shine

Labello Fruity Shine – Cherry

I’m not usually into Labello lip balms, they tend to dry out my lips, but I love their fruit lines which are a truly surprise!

Labello Fruity Shine is available as:

  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Dragonfruit

Labello Fruity Shine besides  it moisturize lips, it has an amazing smell, and also they have a new formula which contains almond oil, jojoba and shea butter which keeps the lips soft.

Labello Fruit Shine Cherry is a lip balm with a cherry scent which remindes me of summer, and I needed that the last few days when it was freezing!  It moisturizes lips and gives them a pale red color. It costs 12,90 kuna (approx $2.50) and it contains 4,8g / 5,5ml amount of product. If you’re a fan of fruit scents and barely there lip color, you’ll love this lip balm!


Check out some more photos and swatches!


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4 Responses to Beauty review: Labello Fruity Shine

  1. Lela says:

    ja imam ovaj od okusa jagode i nije mi nesto. lijep miris ali je boja tako-tako i boja se ne skida lako. i ne stiti nesto usne. sve u svemu dobro je za ruz.

  2. Leila says:

    I Just bought this today .. it’s amaaazing .. love the formula, the smoothness, the almost not there fresh color .. i used to use classic or soft rose .. this one is way over the top .. & love the smell too .. i wish they can add flavor .. that would be exciting :D

    Thanks for sharing ^^

  3. Marwa Q. says:

    I have this one in Cherry and I LOVE IT :)…I am going to get the Strawberry and Dragon fruit ones soon ..I also have Soft Rose which is a nice formula & scent but not the colour :/…I have Pearly Shine as well which is a lovely shine and smell, I strongly recommend trying it ;)

  4. Ellooo says:

    Im currently using the fruity shine: strawberry and it’s really good!! At first it seemed too red and it kind of is so if you’re still in school like me then I suggest putting a small amount on your lips.. Today when I wore it to school, one girl actually thought it was lipstick so to make sure you don’t want that just take the lip balm and apply it little like I suggested before.

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