Best Bronzer For Fair Skin Reviews

A good bronzer can be a girl’s best friend. Adding a touch of bronzer where the sun naturally hits is the easiest way to brighten up your face and make you look like you just got back from a vacation.

It can be difficult to find the best bronzer for fair skin. Most bronzers are too dark for fair skin while others may end up looking like a hot orange mess. A good bronzer should give you all over color & glow without looking unnatural or muddy. Here’s a look at the best bronzers for fair & pale skin.

Too Faced Snow Bunny –  Overall Best Bronzer For Fair Skin

Subtle and the perfect bronzer for fair skin; Too Faced Snow Bunny has golden undertones. Stripes of bronze, pink, white shimmer and fawn mimic a natural glow for a luminous appearance.

This bronzer can be used as an all-over bronzer and also as a highlighter.

Get Too Faced Snow Bunny

Guerlain Terracotta Terracotta Bronzing Powder (Blondes 02) – High-End Best Bronzer For Pale Skin

Guerlain Teracotta Bronzing powder in blondes 02 is a gorgeous bronzer ideal for pale skin tones. It’s natural and gives a gorgeous glow while looking natural. What makes this bronzer unique is that it incorporates numerous colors in order to achieve the perfect bronzed look. The compact itself is also truly beautiful and a must-have if you love pretty things.

Guerlain Bronzer For Pale Skin

It’s our pick for the best bronzer for fair skin in the high-end spectrum due to its excellent pigmentation plus it applies like a dream. This is the perfect bronzer if you’re looking for a splurge.

Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder

E.L.F Golden Bronzer

E.L.F Golden Bronzer is our pick for the best drugstore bronzer for pale skin; it’s affordable and gives a beautiful glow. E.L.F drugstore Golden Bronzer makes pale and fair skin glow with subtle shimmer.

The four colors blend together in order to create a warm golden glow. This bronzer is ideal for anyone who wants a glow J-LO’ish look and radiant skin. E.L.F is available for sale at Target and well known for its affordable and high quality products.

E.L.F Golden Bronzer

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil 

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil is a gorgeous matte bronzer without any shimmer that smells like delicious chocolate. Since it is matte it can be used for creating a sunkissed look or for contouring.

The color looks natural and is perfect for light skin and never looks orange. Pigmentation is incredible and lasts all day long. Contains antioxidant rich cocoa powder and is vegan-friendly and paraben free. Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil is the best bronzer for pale skin if you want a bronzer that is completely matte with no sheen.

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil

Tarte Amazonian Clay Park Avenue

Tarte Amazonian Clay bronzer in Park Avenue is the perfect bronzer for anyone who wants a touch of sunkissed skin without looking overdone or orange. We love the fancy packaging and magnetic snap closure which is a cinch to open and close. This is the perfect bronzer for giving fair skin a natural looking sunkissed glow.

Tarte Park Avenue Princess


What To Look For In The Best Bronzer For Pale Skin

Here are a few main things to look for when shopping for a new bronzer.


The bronzer that’s most flattering for your pale skin will depend partly on your skin undertones. If you are cool toned and have more pink in your skin you may prefer something like Too Faced Leopard Snow which has traces of pink. If you have warm skin tones you may want to check out Tarte’s Park Avenue Princess which is a bit warmer.

Check Your Bronzer In Natural Daylight

If you have light or pale skin make sure to check your bronzer out in natural daylight once you’ve applied it since you’re more likely to look orange if the color is “off”. Your bronzer may look fine indoors but look overdone outdoors.

Shimmery Vs Matte Bronzers

Some bronzers are more shimmery while others are matte. If you just want to add warmth and color to your pale skin either will do. Matte bronzers are more natural looking and can also be used to contour. Shimmery bronzers are more glamorous looking and you may be able to skip highlighter if you are just looking for a subtle glow.

The Best Neutral Lip Liners

Looking for the best neutral lip liner? A neutral lip liner is a must-have item; it can make your lips look fuller and enhance the staying power of any lipstick or gloss. Neutral lip liners are the most versatile because they can be used with just about any lipstick color. Here’s a look at the best neutral lip liners of all time.

MAC Spice – Best Neutral Lip Liner

Our pick for the best neutral lip liner goes to MAC Spice; it is a cult-classic. MAC Spice lip liner been around for decades and still as perfect today as it was years ago. It leans a bit more towards the brown side than super nude. It  is the best neutral lip liner because it goes perfect with anything from nude to red lipstick.

The formula is smooth and it glides on without tugging. MAC Spice lipliner also looks amazing with a shimmery pink gloss on top like MAC Nymphette.

MAC Spice Liner

Wet & Wild #712 Lip Pencil – Best Neutral Lip Liner (Drugstore)

Wet & Wild proves that you don’t need to spend a ton in order to get a great neutral lip liner. The color is comparable to MAC spice but a bit more neutral. Best of all; it’s dirt cheap.

This lip liner stays put and lasts for a long time. Wet & Wild #712 is our pick for best neutral lip liner from the drugstore due to its low price, creamy texture and versatile color.

Wet & Wild #712 Lip Pencil

Boots No 7 Precision Lip Pencil In Nude – Best Retractable Neutral Lip Liner

Boots No 7 Precision Lip Liner is the perfect neutral nude color; it goes on creamy and soft. No need to sharpen since it is an automatic pencil. This color is a favorite of celebrity makeup artist Lisa Elridge and frequently used in her Youtube videos. It’s our choice for the best neutral lip liner if you want a pencil that is retractable.

Boots No 7 Precision Lip Pencil In Nude

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner Eastend Snob

A perfectly neutral color for full looking lips. Creamy, long-lasting power plus it’s automatic. The color is a universal dusty pink.

This neutral lip liner has a slanted applicator for easy application and is super pigmented. One of the best drugstore finds for a neutral liner.

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner Eastend Snob

MAC Lip Liner Strip Down

MAC lip liner in strip down is another one of our favorites; MAC just happens to make very nice neutral liners. It’s less brown compared to MAC spice and the perfect color for a nude lip.

MAC stripdown is a favorite of Kim Kardashian as mentioned in this article.

MAC Lip Liner Strip Down


Best Lash Primer Reviews

Looking for the best lash primer? If your regular mascara isn’t cutting it, try using a mascara primer underneath your regular mascara for added length, drama and volume. A lash primer can revitalize the performance of your existing mascara and increase it’s performance. Allow approximately 30 seconds after applying the lash primer before applying mascara. This will prevent the primer from diluting the color of your regular mascara.

Some of our favorite lash primers even double as conditioning treatments and promote eyelash growth and health.

Take a look at our best lash primer selections below.

Best Lash Primer – Lancome Cils Booster XL

Lancome Cils Booster is our pick for the best lash primer because takes your favorite mascara to the next level. It works wonderful with Lancome Hypnose but also with other mascaras. The mascara adheres to the booster for extra long lashes that are never clumpy.

Lancome Cils Booster XL

DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum

Diorshow Maximizer is one of the best lash primers on the market because it doubles as a lash primer and lash and conditioning treatment. Lashes are left curled, thicker and longer. Ingredients include hyaluronic acid in order to help plump up lashes.

Diorshow Lash Maximizer  

Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer

Works with your mascara in order to boost lash length and separate. Ingredients include B4 in order to condition your lashes. What makes this one of the best lash primers is the fact that it’s tinted with a mink brown color and can be used alone.

best lash primer

Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer 

Shiseido The Makeup Nourishing Mascara Base

Enhances the volume, length and curl of your lashes. Contains L-Arginine in order to nourish and revitalize lashes.

Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base

How To Use Lash Primer

Here are a few tips to help you get the most of your lash primer.

How To Apply Lash Primer

Apply a generous amount to your lashes before applying mascara. After you’ve applied mascara make sure to comb through with a metal lash comb in order to get rid of the clumps and in order to achieve a fluttery and fanned out look.

Use On Both Upper And Lower Lashes

Lash primer can be used on both upper and lower lashes.

What To Look For In A Lash Primer

Other than enhancing the effectiveness of your mascara, some primers also condition lashes and my improve the health of your lashes.  For example, the Dior Lash Maximizer can also be used as a night time conditioning treatment.

How To Put On Eyeliner

  • Start With Pencil Eyeliner – Pencils are much easier to handle compared to liquid liners. You don’t need a steady hand plus it’s easier to remove if you mess up. Pencil eyeliners which are easy to use include Revlon ColorStay and L’Oreal Infallible.
  • Makeup artist Lisa Elridge recommends pushing the liner into your lashline in order to create the illusion of a thicker lashline.
  • Do NOT draw a straight line! Drawing a straight line will look unnatural. Start by applying in small sections
  • Put your finger on the middle of your brow & pull up in order to get close to the lashline. Try Benefit’s Push Up Liner which is designed to push lases aside and get close to the lashline.
  • You don’t want any skin to peek through

How To Do Eyeliner For Bigger Looking Eyes…

  • DO NOT draw eye liner all around your bottom lashline as this will make your eyes appear smaller!
  • However, DO dot a pencil eye liner around from the outside corner till about midway and smudge it out.
  • For a softer effect apply a brown powder eye shadow on your bottom lashes from the corner to about halfway in with a slanted brush (We like MAC’s angled 208 brush) and push it into your lashline. A cheap dupe that works well is the Sonia Kashuk slanted eye liner brush.
  • Curl your lashes! Curling your lashes will open up your eyes and give a “wide eye” effect. The most popular eye lash curlers are those from Shiseido & Shu Uemura
  • Dab a light color highlighter or eye shadow in the very corner of your inner eye in order to look more “bright eyed” and awake.

How To Apply Liquid Liner…

  • DON’T be afraid to mess up. It’s just makeup.
  • DO have a Q-tip and foundation on hand. If you make a mistake dab foundation on the q-tip in order to erase any misplaced liner
  • Pro Makeup artist Dam-Mikkelson recommends using a pencil first in order to trace the lashline and create a blueprint for where you’re going to be applying the liner.
  • Next go over the line with a flat angled brush with a gel eye liner like MAC Fluidline or Inglot Eyeliner Gel.
  • Dip a q-tip in makeup remover and slide it across the wing for an extra sharp line.

How To Do Eyeliner For A Dramatic Look

  • Line all the way around your upper and lower lashline making sure to line the upper water line
  • Line the bottom lashes including the waterline. Need an eyeliner that will last on your waterline? Try Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner, MAC Fluidline or L’Oreal Infallible Eye Liner.
  • If you are using a pencil eye liner you can go over it with a matching color eye shadow applied with the MAC 208 for extra intensity

How To Line The Waterline

The water liner is the inner rim of your eye; lining your waterline creates a more intense look.

  • DO pick a waterproof liner such as MUFE Aqua Eyes Liner or IT Cosmetics No-Tug Gel Liner in order to prevent smearing.
  • ALSO…. curl your lashes first before you line the waterline
  • When lining the lower lashline, gently pull down your lashline and run your pencil gently across the waterline
  • SET the eye liner with a flat brush dipped in black shadow (we like MAC Carbon) over the waterline for extra long lasting power
  • Line the lower lashline as well; this will help your eye makeup look polished even when your waterline fades…
  • You may want to try waterlining with brown or bronze colors for a more natural & softer look
  • BE CAREFUL if you wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes as waterlining may irritate your eyes

Make Your Eyeliner Last Longer….

Tips For Your Eye Shape

  • If you have round eyes, you may want to elongate your eye shape by extending your liner at the end
  • If you have downturned eyes you can accentuate the shape of your eye by extending your liner out in order to create a cat-eye
  • If you have small eyes avoid lining the bottom waterline excessively as this can make eyes appear even smaller
  • If you have close-set eyes concentrate on the outer corner of your eyes & avoid lining right at the tear duct since this will make eyes appear even closer

Best Highlighter Makeup

I absolutely adore highlighters and don’t feel like my look is complete without a touch of highlighter.

A pop of the best highligher makeup or illuminator on the cheekbones will give you that radiant “lit from within” look.

Highlighter makeup can also be placed on the cupid’s blow, center of the nose and wherever else you want a pop but beware not to overdo it, you don’t want to look like a disco ball.

Here are my personal best highlighter makeup picks.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector – Best Cream Highlighter

This illuminator gorgeous and imo one of the best out there on the market. Just a pop of it blended on top of my cheek bones gives a radiant glow.

Cream highlighters look more natural than powder highlighters.

The color I personally use is Opal; it’s a peachy color that would look good on almost every skin tone. I highly recommend it if it’s your first time using a Becca cream highlighter. Others I have my eye on include Moonstone which is a tad more yellow and warmer


  • Illuminates the skin for a glow to rival J-lo
  • Creamy blendable texture that looks natural applied on top of foundation or blush
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector looks more natural compared to powder highlighters (in my opinion)
  • Expensive but worth it!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

Christian Dior Amber Diamond – Cheek Highlighter

Christian Dior Amber Diamond is of my favorite highlighters of all time. Mine actually broke into pieces! But I still have it and use it often.

Dior Amber Diamond LE

I love using this color on my cheeks; it gives me an amazing glow that isn’t too shiny. Just subtle & perfect

  • Very finely milled and super high quality you would expect from Dior
  • May break so I wouldn’t carry it around since it’s so expensive
  • Limited Edition & Only Available On Ebay

Get Christian Dior Amber Diamond On Ebay

MAC Whisper Of Gilt

Mac Whisper of Gilt is part of the Skinfinish Superb line.

I’ve always been a big fan of the MSF highlighters for the variety of colors but MAC Whisper of Gilt is one of my favorites due to the texture which is not “powdery” at all.

It looks like a powder but the finish is truly incredible. It’s has a golden sheen and is ideal for someone who wants a warm highlighter. I’m a NC 20 and it shows up lovely on my skin.

  • Incredible texture. One of MAC’s best highlighters of all time
  • Warm color that looks natural and flawless on cheekbones
  • LE and hard to find

Get MAC Whisper Of Gilt On Ebay 

Nars Orgasm Illuminator

One of my faves for summer or any time my skin needs a quick pick me up. The color is much more subtle compared to Nars Orgasm blush; the illuminator is nowhere as pink.

The texture is watery and it’s extremely sheer. It gives skin a perfect dewy look in order to emulate the glow and radiance of baby skin.

I actually prefer to “pat” this product on instead of rubbing it in which will disturb your foundation.

Nars Orgasm Illuminator

  • I love the light airy texture which feels almost weightless
  • A little goes a LONG way! You only need a dab. I’ve mine for over a year with more than half left
  • Fool proof. So sheer you don’t even need a mirror to apply

Nars Orgasm Illuminator

Nars Albatross

Nars Albatross looks scarily white in the pan but translates to a subtle candle-lit glow on the face. It’s a lot less shimmery and more low key compared to most of the MAC MSF’s. Nars Albatross is a lovely warm golden glow that makes you look like you have perfect skin.

Nars Albatross Highlighter

Nars Albatross


Inglot Gel Eyeliner Review

Looking for a gel eyeliner that stays on all day without flaking? Move over MAC Fluidline; there’s a new gel eyeliner in town!

Inglot Gel Liners are perfect for creating a dramatic winged eye, smoky eye or natural look.

Inglot gel eyeliner is packaged in a pot and we love applying it with the MAC 209 Eye Liner brush in order to get the product close to the lashline.

Our favorite is Inglot Gel Liner in #77; a deep, matte, jet black color that’s intense and lasts the entire day.

Inglot eyeliners may be difficult to find in-store but available for sale online at Amazon here.

What We Love About Inglot Gel Eyeliner

  • The texture is super creamy and very opaque
  • The finish is matte
  • Lasts all day long even through hot weather
  • Amazing color selection for natural to bold, colorful looks

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can Dry Out If You Forget To Close Tightly

Buy Inglot  Gel Eyeliner Here