Fyrinnae and Pure Luxe – purple pigments comparison

Today I took some photos of some of mine purple mineral pigments and tried to compared them all together. It’s not many of them, but will with time swatch the rest of mine pigments too.

I’m a huge fan of purple color so I have a bunch of purple pigments and for the 1st post I decided to choose few Fyrinnae and Pure Luxe pigment. One of them is also She Space pigment (their only pigment I have for now, currently I’m waiting for few others).

All pigments have been applied WET!

Pigment list:

  1. She Space – Can’t hide from karma
  2. Fyrinnae Android Angel
  3. Fyrinnae Changeling
  4. Fyrinnae Karasu
  5. Pure Luxe Indigo
  6. Pure Luxe Blue Jeans
  7. Pure Luxe Bad Girl
  8. Pure Luxe Grape

Check out some more photos – bigger picture with swatches and pigments in jars!


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2 Responses to Fyrinnae and Pure Luxe – purple pigments comparison

  1. ooooooooooh changeling je caroban.

  2. Blendie says:

    prvi i sedmi su apsolutno prekrasni

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