Get Smooth For Summer With Home Laser Hair Removal

Tria Laser

It’s almost time for summer and that means baring more skin. The biggest buzz right now is laser hair removal; it may sound expensive and painful but it’s actually more affordable than you think and completely safe. We interviewed JC at Find My Home Laser in order to discover the right device for every skin type.¬†Professional laser treatments can cost hundreds of dollars per area whereas home laser hair removal allow for affordable hair removal in the convenience of your own home. They key to effective hair removal is picking the right laser hair removal machine for your skin hair type since not all devices will work for everyone.

Light To Medium Skin Tones With Dark Hair

If you have light to medium skin color then you’re in luck; just about any laser hair removal machine will work for you. For the most effective results we recommend the Tria Laser 4x since it uses the exact same technology used by the professionals; the diode laser. This precise laser destroys hair with pinpoint precision in order to disable future growth. According to reviews of the Tria Laser, users reported permanent results after consistent usage. Despite it’s seemingly high price tag, the Tria 4x is significantly more affordable compared to professional treatments (The Tria device cost as much as one professional treatment).

If you are looking for something even more affordable we recommend IPL devices such as the Silk N’ Smooth. Although considered less effective than diode lasers, IPL still gets the job done and you should see permanent results with consistent usage although it may take longer to see the desired results.

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Darker Skin Tones, Blondes & Redheads, Grey Hair

If you have darker skin, blonde, red or grey hair the Tria lasers will not work for you. In this case, we highly recommend the Me Smooth by Tanda. This device uses RF frequency technology which uses lower levels of energy making it ideal for darker skin tones. The Me Smooth uses IPL technology and can be used to remove hair from the face and body. What we like the most about this machine is that it doesn’t require charging; you can use it for as long as you like as long as it’s plugged in. However, it does require cartridge replacements which can be costly at approximately $50 each. Despite this cost, the owner of the Me Smooth is still significantly more affordable compared to professional treatments.

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Is It Safe? 

Home laser hair removal machines are completely safe? The Tria, Me Smooth and Silk n’Smooth laser machines have all been FDA cleared for home usage. As far as discomfort there may be pain when using the device depending on your pain tolerance. If have discomfort you can try using a numbing cream prior to treatment.