How to spot a fake Benefit Coralista blush

original Coralista blush

Recently, 3 months ago to be exact, I wrote a post about my Benefit Coralista blush – link – but, it turns out that my Coralista is actually a fake one. How did I discovered that? Well, recently Sephora here in Zagreb started to sell Benefit products (yay!) and when I was looking at them, I realized that my Coralista blush looks completely different from what they had in Sephora so I brought mine blush there and compared it to the ones they were selling and my doubt was justified.

It’s not like I was devastated or anything like that, but I was sad because it was a gift and I know that the person I received it from thought she purchased the original one, and also payed for it as it was original, but unfortunately it wasn’t. Of course, someone who had a chance to see benefit products would quickly see the difference but since we both haven’t the chance to see it before, we didn’t noticed it was fake until I had the opportunity to see them in Sephora.

If you’re wondering where it was purchased, I’ll tell you that too. It was purchased through All Cosmetics Wholesale website and though I know many girls who had great experiences with this online store, it’s obviously they sell fake products among the original ones. If you’ll be ordering from them – it’s really up to you, but my advice is to check the seller very well and ask for *their* pictures from many angles so you could be sure it it original (mostly sellers don’t put their photos when selling something online and basically you don’t know what you’re getting).

Since I don’t have the *real* Coralista, I took many photos of the fake one I own and I marked on the photos what’s wrong, and also, I’ll give you detailed explanations beside every photo. But, to show you the original version of Coralista blush, you have the above photo and I’ll also link you to photos of Jojoba because she has some great photos of this blush where you can see the differences really good. Here’s her review and photos of Coralista blush – link.

Continue reading to see the photos and to read my explanations!


The packaging – the look of it, the texture, the way it feels under your fingertips when touching the original packaging is completely different compared to the fake one  and this stands for ALL Benefit blushes. The packaging is definitely fine, it seems to be matte but has some kind of sheen, I’m not sure how to describe it. It’s really somehow profound and smooth. It doesn’t shine like my fake Coralista does, and you can see that at the picture that follows.

benefit coralista blush fake

As you can see, this box really shines. That’ s just not the case with the original box which you can see if you check the photo of Jojoba – link – the original packaging really looks somehow matte, but still has some nice finish.

Benefit Coralista packaging

If you look at my photos, you’ll notice how the fake packaging looks somehow red, right? Bat in reality the packaging is more like a combination between the colors yellow and brown and if you look at these flakes – they look more like true leopard flakes. The same thing goes for the sides of the packaging – they’re more like ocher or something like that.

benefit coralista blush fake

Also, if you look at the original, you’ll definitely not see some mistakes like this ones – all angles look perfect, there isn’t anything white in the corners and the wrapper around the box is completely fixed which means that nothing will ever move or anything like on the bottom pictures.

benefit coralista blush fake

benefit coralista blush fake


There are so many differences that I could go on and on about them until tomorrow. :D I marked the most visible with arrows but there are some differences I haven’t marked too.

Differences: (to compare my differences check again this photo – link)

  • position of the flakes – their position is different compared to the priginal packaging, and their color as the color of their background is also different (I already described that above),
  • scratches on the packaging – Benefit packaging is like MAC packaging – there are no scratches on original packaging, but as you can see – there are many on the fake packaging,
  • grass – the length is different and the color of it is way off

benefit coralista blush fake

  • Coralista lettering – the original lettering has some kind of shade over the lettering, while the fake one completely shines,
  • letter ‘t’ – the original letter ‘t’ is pointed, while the fake one has been cut off,

benefit coralista blush fake

  • weight – if you look at my box, you’ll see it has 120 g :D Of course, that’s wrong and it should say it has 12.0 g, just as I wrote it now – someone obviously forgot to add a dot :)

benefit coralista blush fake

  • the inner side of the lid – I’m not 100% sure about this, but when I was comparing my fake to the original one I think the original one had a bit longer wrapper inside of the lid, right to the point where I marked this yellow line, but as I sad, I’m not 100% sure about that

benefit coralista blush fake


Here are also many differences. On the bottom side of the blush there is the list of the ingredients and it says where it was produced.

Differences: (for comparison, please take a look at this photo – link – and you’ll see the how the font looks like, etc.)

  • for start, the back label is more darker and the font is more white on the original one,
  • the fake Coralista has the same font on the back label and none part of the text isn’t bold a bit, while the original label has both ‘normal’ and bold text,
  • on the left side of the label there should be a 4-digit number but the fake blush doesn’t have that number,
  • Made in – the fake blush has some non-existing spaces between the words, and some text looks a bit long and it shouldn’t be; also, the text of benefit’s online website should be bold,
  • letter ‘t’ – here I marked how the letter ‘t’ should look on the front side as well,
  • I forgot to mark this part, but if you read the 1st sentence on the back label, when you get to the end where it says – avoid eye area – you’ll see how it’s not separated from the exclamation mark, and how the word ‘bikini’ isn’t spaced from the dot before it,
  • this label is actually a sticker and it can be peeled off (more details below)

benefit coralista blush fake

  • So, the bottom label can be peeled off and at the original label you’ll find the ingredients list in different languages – you can see that at this link, BUT, if it’s fake, there are 3 versions of the back label: it can’t bee peeled off, it can but it has nothing written on the inner side of it, and the 3rd version is that it can also be peeled off but has just some random text and only at one side of the label – the last case is how mine looks like

benefit coralista blush fake


I haven’t taken the photo of it, and I think there are slightly differences, but more important is that the fake brush is soft, BUT the real one is even softer! Almost like it’s fluffy, but it’s not fluffy, if you know what I mean. :D


Compared to the original blush, the fake blush is more coral than the real one, lol. :D They are completely different. The real shade is more gentle, I think it’s more peachy than coral, so yes that’s different too. :)

benefit coralista blush fakefake shade, applied heavily


I didn’t remember to smell the real Coralista blush (I will do that and then update my post), but I can tell you that my fake Coralista blush smells really fake. :D It just has some plastic smell. It’s not strong or anything so it doesn’t bothers me.

And that would be it! I know this post is a bit longer, but I had to be more detailed with this stuff and I hope you’ll find this post useful. If your Coralista has been purchased online – check if it’s a real one! :)

To be honest, I’m satisfied with my fake Coralista and I like it more than the real one because the shade is really more coral and I’ll keep using it because I haven’t noticed any side effects because of it. :)

If you have any additional questions, you can contact me through my contact form (on top of my blog – Contact) or leave a comment asking me a question!


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31 Responses to How to spot a fake Benefit Coralista blush

  1. Lutka says:

    Dobro je da i kod nas se može naći sve vise brandova, da vidimo iz prve ruke. Mene je postalo bas strah online kupovati popularne stvari. Naletila sam na nekoliko stranica gdje Kinezi na veliko prodaju fake kozmetiku, i ima bas svega, i još neke Amerikanke ostavile kao feedback da dobro zarade preprodajom toga!!! Imaju sve maskare, sjajila, pudere, najviše MAC, Benefit, Dior, Chanel… Stanes, gledaš, šok, nevjerica!!
    Lutka´s last blog post ..OPI Hong Kong Collection Tiny Takeouts Mini Pack

    • beautyaddict says:

      Jao, mislim da sam jednom naletjela na takvu neku stranicu! Ali samo sa MAC kozmetikom. Užas! Mene moram priznati nije strah, ali nije mi svejedno. Ako ništa drugo, vidjet ću ili da preko nekoga iz USA naručim ponešto ili ću se strpiti dok dragi ne ode negdje u inozemstvo. :)

  2. Morgan says:

    OH NO!!! I bought 5 Benefit blushes from allcosmeticswholesale, and I hurried to check them after I read this…

    Every single one is a fake!!!

    I guess that explains the “Coralista” hype, I couldn’t figure out why everyone liked it so much!

    • beautyaddict says:

      All 5 are fake?! I’m so sorry to hear that :(
      Will you contact ACW about that?

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  4. Eyelining says:

    I got a fake one off ebay (my own silly fault). Whilst I actually like the fake I’m now in a bit of a dilema. I want to original too! Would it be silly to have both? I know I would know the difference but anyone looking in my collection would think I was nuts lol. Either way I’m never buying makeup on ebay again! x
    Eyelining´s last blog post ..Beauty Blog Link Love

    • beautyaddict says:

      I bought plenty of makeup on eBay but you should be careful, that’s for sure. But still, I bought only those stuff that aren’t faked. I never buy MAC or anything like that.

      I also want the original, but have to admit that I have similar blushes like the original Coralista so I’m not sure if I should get that one too. Such a dilemma :D

  5. That’s such a shame you got a fake one, but I’ve heard about quite a few people ending up with fake Benefit products. The real Coralista smells lovely, although I can’t describe it, so that’s another good way of finding out if it’s real.
    Primp and Preen´s last blog post ..Benefit/Flake Lipgloss – Fresh Squeezed

    • beautyaddict says:

      I forgot to smell the original one at Sephora but will do that the next time because when I read it smells nice I became suspicious because mine doesn’t smell anything nice (nor bed, but still) but I couldn’t compare it to the original one until now. :)

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  7. Mika chan says:

    Ack! I didn’t know ACW sold fakes!!
    Mika chan´s last blog post ..Victoria’s Revenge Look #2

    • beautyaddict says:

      Apparently they already had problems with fakes, but then everything was okay and now the same problem. :/

  8. DLori says:

    I can spot a fake make up item in a second not because I’m so smart, but because I know what to look for and it jumps out at me screaming fake. The biggest giveaway that the item is fake is if there is any writing on the outside packaging in Chinese and particualrly if it says it’s made in China. Also, the writing on the fake packages is spaced larger and further apart and the pictures appear larger and more simple. If a site is selling A LOT of MAC, Bobbi Brown, Nars, etc, like 50 in a row of the same thing but in different colors, it’s probably a fake and I know I’ll get yelled out for saying this but it’s true. Most fake make up comes from sellers in Texas. Please don’t assume the seller is unaware that they are selling fakes even though they claim they didn’t know. They’re paying ridiculously low amounts of money for cartons of this stuff and they know that the real thing would never charge those prices, even wholesale. If you do get a fake and you really like it, then wear it and enjoy. It’s not about status rather which one you like best. However, I would still notify the seller and ebay because many of these sellers have long histories with ebay but don’t get kicked off since not enough people report them.

    • beautyaddict says:

      The thing is, today is so many things made in China that it really isn’t a trigger for me. Of course, it’s easier to recognize a fake item if you’ve already seen something from that brand, but if you haven’t – how to look for something fake when you’ve never seen the original version?

      And I know that sellers KNOW they sell fakes. *Especially* if they sell plenty of it. But of course, they’ll say they didn’t know. :rolleyes: ACW has been notified about the fakes but she claims she sells only authentic stuff. Surprise, ha?

  9. H says:

    the real one has a nice sweet smell to it, its difficult to explain

  10. Tsahi says:

    This seems to be the order of the day lately. i myself have experienced buying fake cosmetics. I bought what i was told and thought was a MAC palette only to post it on my blog, and was told that it looked fake and was indeed a sleek palette…sigh. This was a very good post indeed.

    • beautyaddict says:

      Glad you liked this post. :) And I’m sorry about you fake. :( I’m really careful when it comes to MAC and really watch out when buying it. So far – so good. :)

  11. Kim Porter says:

    I am just getting around to reading this post. I am not shocked. I was always a bit leary of ACW along with some other sites just off of a gut feeling I never purchased a thing. The other day my friend emailed me a 120 Color “MAC” palette her sister wanted to buy. I told her it was FAKE! People who don’t know much about makeup tend to fall for this stuff. it’s sad.

    Another instance is whenmy sister’s parole officer friend was giving away mac & bobbi brown products, and was selling them for like $5 & $10. I saw them and told my sister they’re fake, and showed her my stuff to point out the differences.

    I hope you contacted ACW about this and asked for a refund. Who knows what that product was made with.
    Kim Porter´s last blog post ..139

    • beautyaddict says:

      Since this was a gift I can’t ask for refund but the girl I got it from contacted ACW but she couldn’t file dispute because it was way past those 45 days, unfortunately. An the owner told her that they sell only authentic stuff, so, what’s else there to say beside letting people know about this and staying out from purchasing more products from such sites…

      And I agree, people that don’t know (not necessarily about make but about certain brands) fall for something like this. The same thing happened with me and my friend and with benefit because we didn’t had benefit here before, but as soon as it arrived to Sephora I immediately noticed it’s not the same product.

  12. Amanda says:

    I am from Brazil and I am shocked with this happening! I have been purshasing from ACW for a long time,and now I am really afraid about the possibilty of my YSL Lipstick be fake!
    Thank you so much for this post! I will post this in my blog.

    • beautyaddict says:

      Hi Amanda!
      I do believe you’re shocked because I was as well! And you’re welcome! :)

  13. Irianne says:

    Hey there,I’m from brazil and , yeah i just realized that i have a fake one as well =/ JUST LIKE YOURS although it was from an e-bay purchase…
    Anyway , good to know what i have in hands! Thanks for the post.


  14. Richard says:

    there is a TON of fake benefit on eBay sadly.

    A lot of it is coming from the same guy/lady in Brooklyn, NY. I, along with a few other people who bought from him/her can personally confirm it is 100% fake! They use a stock photo though, so ask for a real photo before buying if you are looking on eBay.

    These sellers are all the same person selling FAKES. When one name gets too many negative feedbacks or reports to eBay, he opens another account and starts selling from there.

    Fake Benefit sellers:

  15. CopyCat says:

    I would be afriad to put a fake one on my face O_o
    CopyCat´s last blog post ..Urban Decay Primer Potion Available In Squeeze Tubes! Hurray!

  16. The real stuff does have a unique pleasant smell to it!
    Spot Corrector´s last blog post ..Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector- A First Hand Review

  17. Camila Campolino says:

    Let me add my two cents here… I am from Brazil and I have been buying from ACW for almost 2 years now. I have bought a lot of MAC and all the other high-end brands. I inspect everything I get from them thoroughly once they come in, as I do with anything I buy online. They have all been fine so far, except for one MAC lipstick in “Chatterbox”…
    It was unboxed (I was aware of that when I bought it), the sticker label on the bottom was missing, and it smelled differently from the traditional MAC lippies (not bad, but different). On the other hand, the plastic case, the color and the texture looked and felt exactly the same as the real deal at the MAC counter.
    I don’t mean to play devil’s advocate here, but I still don’t think my lipstick is a fake. However, I strongly believe it is what they call “factory blem” or irregular product. They should have told me so when I bought it (they do know), but I still don’t want to call it a fake. Am I in denial? :)
    Anyway, I think I am safe this time but remember you are never too careful when buying stuff online!

  18. Annisa Koasar says:

    Hi Thanks so much for this i just got this from ebay a couple of days ago and I just realised that I have a fake benefit blush. I am so bummed i will be giving that ebay user a piece of my mind!!!

  19. Sascha says:

    My world shattered. I just found out my blush is fake too. I have a Benefit catalogue and i compared it to the photo and then i saw this post. Aw and i already left positive feedback for the ebayer i got it from.

  20. Sascha says:

    Hmmm, yea looks like most of the Benefit products on Ebay are really fake. Look here

    Hope this helps too.

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