It’s Friday. Finally.

Finally weekend! Finally! I don’t remember the last time I longed for some days off! But, this week was definitely something, especially cause of those products you can see on the photo above (in case you already haven’t seen it on my facebook and twitter profile)! Aren’t they gorgeous? 

Here’s are something from beauty blogosphere for you to check out:

  • Cafe Makeup is a great source when it comes to Chanel – check out Chanel collection for Fall 2011!
  • Viola from Killer Colours blog shows you some gorgeous Giorgio Armani lipsticks!
  • Since I’ve been talking about Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in my previous post, here’s more about them! Cecilia from A Vain Woman shows you two more shades!o
  • I hope these new Manhattan products will arrive to Croatia too! Before I can swatch them, check out Bluebell’s blog!
  • essence Ballerina LE collection, arrived to some Croatian drugstores, but since Gejba from Parokeets blog already have swatches of it – take a look!
  • Kirstie from The Irish Beauty blog has a great tutorial (tip) on how to fix your broken shadow or blush!

What are your plans for this weekend? Something big, or?


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One Response to It’s Friday. Finally.

  1. obicna says:

    vidim da će od manhattan doći nove stvari, hoće sva mono sjenila biti okrugla sad?
    a ona LE kolekcija lakova hands up! što ima predivne nijanse nije nikad došla. a tako sam htjela kupiti neke boje jer su predivni :(
    evo link:

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