Kryolan Lipstick Swatches – L11 & LC122

On Friday I visited Kryolan in Zagreb and I got two lipsticks along with their fixing spray (review coming up soon!). They really have a huge lipstick range and I don’t really know why I haven’t tried them before. Okay, they do offer a huge range when it comes to every product but still, don’t be shocked once you take a look at what they really offer! :D

Since I always seem to buy similar shades, I ended up with two shades I already have (that’s actually something my boyfriend would say but I’d say they’re only similar :D ). I picked up L11 (purple) and LC122 (fuchsia).

Both shades have amazingly creamy (not too creamy) formula and they are SO pigmented! Can’t wait to get few other shades though I promies to myself and few other people I won’t be buying anything in the near future, but I really don’t know how will I resist them (or resis buying makeup). Probably the only way is to stay out of Kryolan :D Though I do plan to swatch their lipsticks for blog but that will be after the summer so stay tuned! ;)

Here’s another photo, check out how gorgeous they are!

I believe I don’t really have to say a lot about them, it’s enough to show you how they look when swatches. They completely threw me off! And they’ll do that to you too! :D Also, I can say this was love at first swatch

Of course, my first though when I swatched L11 was how similar it looks to Illamasqua Kontrol and well, I wasn’t really wrong. The only difference id that L11 is a bit more purple and the formula is less creamy than Kontrol. Both shades will be perfect for those who love purple lipsticks. ;)
I also compared it to my other purple shades but Kontrol is the only one similar to it. I don’t even wanna talk about Fetish right now, I’ll write my review in a separate post but since it’s “purple” it’s also here.

from left: Kryolan L11, Illamasqua Kontrol, Illamasqua Fetish, MAC Heroine

When I tried to wipe off these swatches the one who lasted the longest was L11, then MAC Heroine and Kontrol was on 3rd place.


To make long story short – these are on of the most pigmented and affordable lipsticks in one! Their retail price in Croatia is only $12! That’s really nothing if compared to Illamasqua lipsticks which retail for almost $30!

How do you like these two shades? Do you wanna see all Kryolan lipstick swatches? 


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5 Responses to Kryolan Lipstick Swatches – L11 & LC122

  1. Veki says:

    Ruževi su prekrasni. :)
    Stvarno bi bilo teško izabrati. :)
    Veki´s last blog post ..Dnevni look

  2. Itekako se moraš upustiti u avanturu swatchanja svih ruževa. Šteta što je Kryolan dostupan samo u Zg jer ruževi stvarno izgledaju jako pigmentirani. A i s obzirom da neki ruževi koštaju i po 100 kn i svakako, ovo je i sasvim ok cijena za tu kvalitetu :)
    Divne su nijanse, baš mi je žao što nemam ni jedan, ah..
    Art on my way´s last blog post ..Garderobe iz snova

  3. anaviglam says:

    Divna pigmentacija…predivne nijanse…nisam isprobala njihove ruževe ali si me sad zaintrigirala tako da ću svakako poviriti u njihov dućan a do tada bi se razveselila swatchevima :D
    anaviglam´s last blog post ..Izrada maslaca za tijelo

  4. me likey the deep purple!

  5. imaš i moj glas za swatchanje ;) jedva čekam otići po svoje primjerke!
    Voodoo Blonde´s last blog post ..FOTD: Happy Blues + New stuff 16/08/12

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