L’Occitane Hair Care Products and Eaux de Provence

Recently L’Occitane launched additional hair care products for colour treated hair and for fine and normal hair.

Whoever picked these two products you see on the photo above – it was a score! My hair is really thin and fine and it could use more volume. I also have a hair cut which makes it look normal, but there really isn’t anything that would help me long-term. I simply always have to use some kind of products if I don’t want it to be simply straight.  But, when I stop using them – my hair goes back to beign just straight.

I got used to the fact that this is how my hair will always be unless I use proper hair care products on regular basis. This means that it’s impossible for me to ran out of hair spray or mousse. That’s something you can always find in my bathroom. :D

I have to say that volumising collection has a specific smell. They’re formulated with a natural complex of five essential oils (artemisia, sweet orange, mint, pine and rosemary) but there is one of them that pretty stands out. It’s the smell of pine. Now, if you like that you’ll like these products as well, but if you’re more into fruity and/or floralscent you might wanna skip these. To be honest, I like this smell since it’s really refreshing, especot weather! Also, the smell of the mask lasts all day long!

Volumising Mist (100 ml, £16.50) – link

L’Occitane says: Formulated with a natural complex of five essential oils (artemisia, sweet orange, mint, pine and rosemary) as well as linden extract, the Aromachology Volumising Mist is a leave-in formula that adds volume to the roots of your hair. Our silicone-free formula will leave your hair controlled, supple, shiny and delicately perfumed.

Yes, my hair smells nicely, feels soft and has volume. But, if you expect your hair to look like in the Taft compercial – move along since this mist isn’t a products for such effect. ;) It’s importat that it is used as close to the roots as possible because that’s when it actually adds volume. It should be used after towel-drying but I usually use it when it’s already dry since I seem to forget about it. Not sure how long it will last but I do use it 3 or 4 times per use.

Volumising Mask (250 ml, £20.00) – link

L’Occitane says: Formulated with a natural complex of five essential oils (artemisia, sweet orange, mint, pine and rosemary) as well as linden extract, the Aromachology Volumising Mask helps detangle fine to normal hair without weighing it down. Hair is soft, shiny, light and easy to manage. The smooth gel-cream texture and fresh fragrance provide a pure moment of pleasure.

After each use hair is soft and shiny. I’ve noticed how my hair has more volume if I’ve used this product. Volumising Mask smells a bit more intense than Volumising Mist and the smell is long-lasting – it lasts all day long on my hair! It should be used after you’ve used your shampoo and/or conditioner, leave it for 2-3 minutes and then rinse. Should be used mostly on roots as well but I use it all over my hair length.  If your hair is long applying on roots should be more affordable way to use it – it will last longer.

Eaux de Provence

At the same time there is another collection available – Eaux de Provence. This is their new cologne collection which includes three fragrances: Eau Ravissante for women, Eau Universelle for men and women and Eau Captivante for men. All three fragrances were inspired by the aromas of Provence.

I’ve received Cologne Fraiche Eau Ravissante. Eau Revissante is a floral with notes of flower petals, citrus, rose, amber and musk. It smells a bit oddly on my skin. You know that smell after you’ve washed your hands with soap? That’s how. But, with time it turns a bit more floral.

Beside these fragrances there are gel showers available as well.

Have you tried any of these products?


*PR sample
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8 Responses to L’Occitane Hair Care Products and Eaux de Provence

  1. Lana says:

    Pitanje u vezi maglice, da li ti masti kosu.

  2. Caroline says:

    L’Occitane is one of those brands that I’m so drawn to but just never decide what to try first! I always love reading about them, though. Thank you!
    Caroline´s last blog post ..Bioderma Crèaline H2O vs. Etat Pur Micellar Cleansing Water

    • beautyaddict says:

      You should try something! Once you start there’s no going back :D

      I love their solid perfumes, perhaps start with that? :)

  3. Nažalost nisam ništa njihovo još isprobala.
    Ali kako dosta čitam o njihovim proizvodima, moram priznati da me sve više privlače i da ih poželim malo istražiti.
    Art on my way´s last blog post ..Prvi China Glaze mezimac

    • beautyaddict says:

      Probaj za početak pokoji sapunčić ili pak krute parfeme. To nije skupo. Plus što imaju dosta proizvoda u putnim veličinama pa se i tako može jako puno toga isprobati a bez da se odmah potroši 1000kn :D

  4. anaviglam says:

    …ja sam kupila onu promo košaricu sa anđelikinom volicom, gelom za tuširanje i šamponom po 145kn…anđelikina vodica me oduševila dok nikada nisam bila oduševljena njihovim šamponima pa tako ni ovaj nije spektakularan a gel za tuširanje je iz iste linije kao i ova tvoja toaletna vodica gore samo zeleni i ok je – ništa wow ali solidno…sada nevezano-ja isto imam tanku kosu i kakvu mi god frizuru složiš sa sat će klonuti ali su mi divni preparati John Frieda pa pogledaj malo njih ako želiš ako imaš volje ;)
    anaviglam´s last blog post ..Odstranjivač laka za nokte – spužva

    • beautyaddict says:

      Ja imam onaj šampon i regenerator za osjetljivo vlasište i to mi je odlično! :)
      A za frizuru – trudim se držati podalje kojekakvih preparata zbog osjetljivog vlasišta pa u principu koristim točno određene šampone i regeneratore i uz to pjenu i lak za kosu. :)

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