L’Occitane Shea Butter LE Collection!

Not so long ago I mentioned on my facebook page how I received a surprise package from L’Occitane and on above photo you can see what I actually got. I did mention Orbis Get on board for Sight Soap here. Beside that soap, I also received two Shea Butter hand cremes which are LE.

I’m sure this is something that many fans of shea butter will like. The special thing about this collection is that it captures the essence of three exotic flowers – cocoa flower, hibiscus flower and desert rose – in a design that pays tribute to the traditional African fabrics. Energetic, poetic and colourful, these iconic hand creams will transport you to the distant lands of Burkina Faso where the L’OCCITANE Shea Butter story started 30 years ago.

This collection includes:
- Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream (100ml – $21)
- Shea Hand Cream (30ml – $10 / 150ml – $26)
- Organic Shea Lip Balm (15ml – $12)

Hibiscus Flower Shea Hand Cream*

I can only say that the smell of this hand cream is amazing and that it lasts at least 2-3 hours on my hands if I don’t wash them during that time. It is small, true, but you do need only a tiny amount for each use. Too bad it comes only in a tube containing 30ml, I wish there was one in 150ml. Anyway, I’ll definitely try other two creams from this collection, I hope they smell so wonderful too. I love to use it before going to bed because this smell really gets all of me. :)

Shea Butter Hand Cream*

This is something you can find in their permanent range, but this is a LE edition, lovely for collectors. I already did a review on this product, so please read it here.

Where to buy?

L’Occitane stores and online shops NOW!


*PR samples
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9 Responses to L’Occitane Shea Butter LE Collection!

  1. Ivana Zrinščak says:

    Taman za zimu!

  2. Dorotea says:

    Mirišala sam kremu za tijelo neki dan i bila je mrak ^^ malo preskupo za mene, al možda bi uzela malu kremicu za ruke budući da je tako fino mirisna.

  3. Irena says:

    Predivno izgleda :) jesi li probala njihove balzame za usne? Kakvi su?

  4. anica says:

    ajme, meni te tubice izgledaju kao tempere za bojanje slika :D ali sve u svemu baš su mi slatke i privlačne u takvoj šarenoj ambalaži :) inače od Loccitane-a nemam ništa u svojoj kolekciji kozmetike, ali djeluje mi tako fino, mirisno i privlačno…mmmm :)

  5. Obožavam L’Occitane, imaju predivne i kvalitetne proizvode. Uvijek se veselim novim kolekcijama! :D
    Lia’s Beautyland´s last blog post ..Recenzija kistova: 2. dio :)

  6. Prefino izgleda! Šteta što nemam L’Occitane bliže pa da isprobam njihove proizvode :)
    Beauty&Sweets´s last blog post ..Style inspiration: Adriana Lima

  7. Marina2501 says:

    Ahhh, difno! Malo me scimala količina od 100ml ali s obzirom da se maslac TOPPPI u dodiru s kožom, tester od 8ml mi je bio previše, 2x sam se namackala (recimo tester badem kreme od 8ml mi je na knap) Tako da mislim da će trajati duže nego što bi trajala neka druga krema od 100 ml!

  8. Rozalija says:

    e da probala sam vec tj one njihove testere,frendica mi radi tamo pa me vec obavjestila, balzam za usne sam si vec rezervirala :D za ostalo cemo vidjeti

  9. I love the new patterns on the shea butter tubes. This hand cream is so lush and really makes my hands feel soft and moisturized. The scent is a bit much for me. It kind of clashes if your wearing perfume. I love all of their skin care products and their candle lines as well. They make perfect gifts too :)

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