Makeup brushes I use for eye makeup

Since I’ve posted few looks these days, I received few e-mails in which you ask me to write a post about makeup brushes I use, but this time for my eye makeup so, here it is!

At this moment, I use 6 eyeshadow brushes and 1 angled brush for applying gel liner. Unfortunately, a can’t afford to spend minimum $20 per brush (and I’m not even sure  would even if I could because I’m a bit tight to spend that money on just one single makeup brush) so I chose something cheaper – Coastal Scents and ecotools brushes and those which I have for now are really enough for my needs.

I’m there are plenty better brushes than these, but if you’re not willing to spend too much money, I think this is a good choice and that these brushes would satisfy your needs. :)


  1. CS Italian Badger Pencil Brush ($3.29) – link – it’s perfect for applying eyeshadow in the crease area;
  2. CS Black Shadow brush ($1.95) – link – I use it to apply eyeshadows a bit heavier, it picks any eyeshadow excellent and though it it soft it’s at the same time firm as well;
  3. CS Italian Badger Round Crease Brush ($2.89) – link – I have 2 of these and I use them to apply any eyeshadow all over my eye lid;
  4. CS Italian Badger Blender Brush ($2.95) – link – I use it to blend everything;
  5. ecotools Concealer Brush (approx. $5) – though it isn’t for eyeshadow application, I use it for that anyway and I like it;
  6. CS Chisel Detail Mini brush ($1.99) – link – this brush is really teeny tiny brush :D and I use it to apply my eyeshadow in the inner corners and on my bottom eyelash line;

Read more about their quality and check out few other photos!

Brush Quality

I’m really satisfied! I washed them many times and I’ve lost only 1-2 hair on my CS brushes which really isn’t even worth mentioning. :D They’re all very soft, they don’t scratch which is also very important.

The bottom line is – I honestly recommend these brushes because I use them myself, they’re available at budget friendly prices and I really doubt that this cheap brushes that are this quality are available anywhere else (not in Croatia at least). :)

If you have more questions feel free to ask me anything in the comments on this post or by e-mailing me.


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8 Responses to Makeup brushes I use for eye makeup

  1. EyeWannaBe says:

    Imam četvorku i jedinicu ili trojku (nisam sigurna :D) i apsolutno su savršenstvo! Nije mi jasno kako sam se donedavno uspjela šminkati bez njih.
    EyeWannaBe´s last blog post ..Basic Beauty

    • beautyaddict says:

      Ja ih imam već neko vrijeme i zaista su odlični! Sljedeći put kad budu imali popust (a ako Boga da, do tada $ malo padne :D ) kupujem sigurno još par primjeraka. :D

  2. calmy says:

    imam i ja 1 ili 3 i dva kista pod brojem 2 :-D
    zadovoljna sam jako s njima, za cijenu od par dolara su i više nego odlični. i želim probati eco tools kistove za sjenilo pa ću si to priuštiti prvim odlaskom u kozmo :D

  3. Lila says:

    kad coalstal najčešće ima popuste? :)

  4. goga says:

    Od svih kistića koje sam gledala skužila sam da je CS vrlo prihvatljiv po cijeni. I naručila :-))))
    Zadovoljna. Bilo je par dlačica koje su onako malo virile ali sam ja to ošišala i super sam zadovoljna.
    Naručit ću još par komada za sjenila jer im je cijena super!

    • beautyaddict says:

      Slažem se! Mislim da ću i ja uskoro naručiti neke kistiće, samo kad bi dolar malo pao :D

  5. Blu11 says:

    Šmrc, htjela sam ih naručiti a više nijednog nema na stranicama Coastal scents. ;(
    Blu11´s last blog post ..Pure Ice Purple Reign

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