My MAC Lipstick Swatches

I decided to start a series of posts about my lipsticks so here’s my 1st post with my MAC lipsticks. I just realized that I have only 5 MAC lipsticks. I was sure I had few more shades but it seems like I was wrong. I will have to work on that, right? :D

I took only photos of my swatches on my arm since all of them have been used and I don’t really like to show used products on my blog (don’t ask :D). I also thought of swatching them on my lips but I didn’t really have time for that + all lippies are really well pigmented and they don’t come off easily + my battery was low. So many reasons :D

Anyway, here are my swatches:

from left: Girl About Town, Ruby Woo, Russian Red, Heroine (LE), Rebel

As you can notice, Ruby Woo looks a bit different than other swatches since this lipstick is dry as chalk! It’s difficult to apply it properly but once applied it just stays on! I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with drier lips + your lips must be perfect for this shade. Still, I love it since it’s my only true retro red shade. It really is special.

I love all the same way, but lately I’ve been all over Heroine since it’s my “new toy” :D amazing purple shade which is hard to capture since it somehow always turns neon but, if you want to be noticed – this is the shade to go with. There are so many people pointing their fingers and commenting, like as if they’ve never seen purple lipstick. Lol.
I also have to mention Russian Red which it a true, true red shade. I have to compare it with Illamasqua Box since they seem pretty similar. To be honest, can’t really see any difference now when I look at my swatch :D

And, these are my MAC lippies.
Which shade is your favorite one? Do you have any MAC lipstick? Or, if you don’t – will you be getting any, and which shade you wanna get first? :)


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5 Responses to My MAC Lipstick Swatches

  1. Ubila bi za samo 1 MAC ruž – a ti ih imaš 5 :)
    Nijanse su divne, ne znam koju bi prije. S tim da bih od MAC-a voljela i neki nude ruž.
    Art on my way´s last blog post ..Voćni jogurt kolač

  2. anaviglam says:

    …druga i treća nijansa su presavršene :D
    Nemam niti jedan MAC ruž zasada…a možda i bolje, jer čujem toliko pohvala da ne znam tko bi stao na jednom :D barem se tješim ovako …
    anaviglam´s last blog post ..Izrada maslaca za tijelo

  3. Dora says:

    Imam Rebel, Love Lorn i Cream Cup. Cream Cup naprosto obozavam!

  4. Wojis says:

    He cao,

    Meni se mnogo svida Ruby Woo, videcu dali jos moze da se kupi. My favorite MAC lipstick je Chilli, mnogo lepa crvena brown boja. A i Russian Red bi volela da imam, ja obozavam crveni lipstick.

  5. Nanethiel says:

    divni su <3 ja bi heroine i rebel o.o

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