NOTD: OPI Ski Teal We Drop

Here’s one NOTD post after a really long, long time! Sorry about not posting such posts but until few days ago I had acrylic nails and I finally took that off (fot the 2nd time) and I wish my natural nail will manage to last this time. If they do, you’ll see NOTD posts much often! :)

On my facebook page I already posted about my recent purchase – OPI Ski Teal We Drop and I can’t tell you that this shade is really something special if you ask me. There isn’t any similar shade in my entire nail polish collection. I can’t believe it took me so long to buy it but I’m so happy I finally did! Though, somehow I have this feeling like I might have purchased cursed bottle :D Here’s the reason why.
This bottle was the last one in Muller drugstore and it was on sale (40% off). When I got home I relized that STWD brush was a bit wider than the brush of the other OPI shades I have. Then I realized that the plastic which holds the brush in place was damaged. But, I manage to fix that with a bit of scotch tape and I hope it will hold. After I fixed that, I almost spilled the entire bottle while I was aplying it! Luckly there is some nail polish left in it so I will be able to wear it again! Anyway, I must be careful with it in the future :D

This shade was launched with the OPI Swiss Collection (Fall 2010.). There are some other beautiful shades but this is my favorite one. STWD is a perfect fall shade and I believe I will be wearing it A LOT this year! It can be applied in one thick or two thin layers to get opaque shade. I prefer two thin layers. Drying time is really okay, but you need to have in mind that I’m slow with this, especially when I need to do my right hand. :D

Anyway, I LOVE this shade and so does my boyfriend!

What is your to-go shade this fall? :)


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5 Responses to NOTD: OPI Ski Teal We Drop

  1. Gladdenova says:

    Odlicna nijansa, bas je jesenska! I stoji ti, mislim da bih ja izgledala kao mrtvac :/ :D

  2. tropical says:

    Razmisljam: dior 997 blue label, opi tickle my france-y, cg recycle, grape pop, short&sasssy,westside warrior, par essie dok ne pocnem neke nove kupovati. Plus ovaj tebi novi opi. Ruske i francuske opije… Mooore tog

  3. Teich says:

    predivna nijansa al mislim da meni nebi stajala :( opcenito se s plavcima ne slazem..
    mene trenutno pucaju tamne nijanse (totalno ne moj đir haha) sad imam crni holo od SGGM i maloprije kupila tamno sivi makeup factory koji planiram stavljati kao bazu za diorov rock coat..jedva cekam probati <3

  4. Divna je boja. A što se tiče moje omiljene koju ću nositi, teško se odlučiti. Ja volim mijenjati nijanse i mnoge boje volim :)
    Art on my way´s last blog post ..Dan u prirodi

  5. Phyrra says:

    Deep teals or purples are my favorites for fall.
    Phyrra´s last blog post ..Manic Panic Voodoo Blue & Purple Haze

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