Best Highlighter Makeup

I absolutely adore highlighters and don’t feel like my look is complete without a touch of highlighter.

A pop of the best highligher makeup or illuminator on the cheekbones will give you that radiant “lit from within” look.

Highlighter makeup can also be placed on the cupid’s blow, center of the nose and wherever else you want a pop but beware not to overdo it, you don’t want to look like a disco ball.

Here are my personal best highlighter makeup picks.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector – Best Cream Highlighter

This illuminator gorgeous and imo one of the best out there on the market. Just a pop of it blended on top of my cheek bones gives a radiant glow.

Cream highlighters look more natural than powder highlighters.

The color I personally use is Opal; it’s a peachy color that would look good on almost every skin tone. I highly recommend it if it’s your first time using a Becca cream highlighter. Others I have my eye on include Moonstone which is a tad more yellow and warmer


  • Illuminates the skin for a glow to rival J-lo
  • Creamy blendable texture that looks natural applied on top of foundation or blush
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector looks more natural compared to powder highlighters (in my opinion)
  • Expensive but worth it!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

Christian Dior Amber Diamond – Cheek Highlighter

Christian Dior Amber Diamond is of my favorite highlighters of all time. Mine actually broke into pieces! But I still have it and use it often.

Dior Amber Diamond LE

I love using this color on my cheeks; it gives me an amazing glow that isn’t too shiny. Just subtle & perfect

  • Very finely milled and super high quality you would expect from Dior
  • May break so I wouldn’t carry it around since it’s so expensive
  • Limited Edition & Only Available On Ebay

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MAC Whisper Of Gilt

Mac Whisper of Gilt is part of the Skinfinish Superb line.

I’ve always been a big fan of the MSF highlighters for the variety of colors but MAC Whisper of Gilt is one of my favorites due to the texture which is not “powdery” at all.

It looks like a powder but the finish is truly incredible. It’s has a golden sheen and is ideal for someone who wants a warm highlighter. I’m a NC 20 and it shows up lovely on my skin.

  • Incredible texture. One of MAC’s best highlighters of all time
  • Warm color that looks natural and flawless on cheekbones
  • LE and hard to find

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Nars Orgasm Illuminator

One of my faves for summer or any time my skin needs a quick pick me up. The color is much more subtle compared to Nars Orgasm blush; the illuminator is nowhere as pink.

The texture is watery and it’s extremely sheer. It gives skin a perfect dewy look in order to emulate the glow and radiance of baby skin.

I actually prefer to “pat” this product on instead of rubbing it in which will disturb your foundation.

Nars Orgasm Illuminator

  • I love the light airy texture which feels almost weightless
  • A little goes a LONG way! You only need a dab. I’ve mine for over a year with more than half left
  • Fool proof. So sheer you don’t even need a mirror to apply

Nars Orgasm Illuminator

Nars Albatross

Nars Albatross looks scarily white in the pan but translates to a subtle candle-lit glow on the face. It’s a lot less shimmery and more low key compared to most of the MAC MSF’s. Nars Albatross is a lovely warm golden glow that makes you look like you have perfect skin.

Nars Albatross Highlighter

Nars Albatross


3 Of The Best Niacinamide Creams For Flawless Skin

Niacinamide cream, also know as Vitamin B3 cream, is one of my all-time favorite skincare  product.

It does double duty with the abilities to fight acne as well as combat the signs of aging and skin discoloration.

A niacinamide cream increases the skin’s moisture barrier, lessens irritation and improves collagen production for a smoother appearance.

Here’s A Few Things To Keep In Mind Before Using A Niacinamide Cream

  • Your skin may flush when you start using a niacinamide cream or b3 cream. This is completely normal and it should go away after a few minutes.
  • Don’t apply niacinamide & vitamin C serum at the same time since the ingredients render each other ineffective.
  • Instead, apply vitamin c serum in the morning (if you use one and we think you should!) and niacinamide cream at night for best results.

Here’s a look at our the best Niacinamide Creams.

Nia 24 Skin Strengthening Complex Niacinamide Cream

What We Love

  • A patented Pro-Niacin formula releases niacinamide for continuous release
  • Antioxidants! A must have in creams in my opinion. Nia 24 offers green tea and rosemary
  • Peptide Complex To Fight Aging

What We Don’t Love

  • The High Price

Niacinamide Cream

Nia 24 Skin Strengthening Complex

Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting (B3 Cream)

Fortunately you don’t need to spend tons of money in order to get the best niacinamide cream.

Olay Regenerist has been around for years and it’s a highly acclaimed anti-aging product with niacinamide.

  • Contains peptides for maximum anti-aging benefits
  • Very affordable
  • Users noted smoother skin, fewer wrinkles and more hydrated skin

Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting

Cerave PM (Niacinamide Cream)

Cerave PM is a dermatologist recommended, no frills niacinamide cream that is perfect for those with acne or sensitive skin due to its simple ingredients.

What We Like

  • Contains Cermaides & Hyaluronic Acid to soothe dry skin
  • Pump bottle for easy dispensing
  • Affordable and available in every drugstore
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

What We Didn’t Like

No antioxidants. The addition of antioxidants would make Cerave PM perfect.

Cerave PM


Inglot Gel Eyeliner Review

Looking for a gel eyeliner that stays on all day without flaking? Move over MAC Fluidline; there’s a new gel eyeliner in town!

Inglot Gel Liners are perfect for creating a dramatic winged eye, smoky eye or natural look.

Inglot gel eyeliner is packaged in a pot and we love applying it with the MAC 209 Eye Liner brush in order to get the product close to the lashline.

Our favorite is Inglot Gel Liner in #77; a deep, matte, jet black color that’s intense and lasts the entire day.

Inglot eyeliners may be difficult to find in-store but available for sale online at Amazon here.

What We Love About Inglot Gel Eyeliner

  • The texture is super creamy and very opaque
  • The finish is matte
  • Lasts all day long even through hot weather
  • Amazing color selection for natural to bold, colorful looks

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can Dry Out If You Forget To Close Tightly

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