Paul & Joe Beaute Wild Flowers Collection + Alice in Wonderland (Spring 2010.)

I *love* Paul & Joe collections! If nothing, their design is always adorable! Beaute Wild Flowers collections is indeed perfect spring collection which includes soft and subtle shades. Beside Beaute Wild Flowers collection, Paul & Joe made few products which are Alice in Wonderland themed!

Beaute Wild Flowers collcetion includes:

Face & Eye color

  • Honey Suckle (064), Lady’s Slipper (065), Purple Clover (066)

Lip Gloss Lacquer

  • Baby’s Breath (001), Snapdragon (002), Primrose (003)

Nail Enamel

  • Tutu, Mata Haria, Magnolia, Sequin, Stardust

Creamy Cheek Powder

  • Marionette, Kitten, Peaches, Butterfly, Dusk

Self Select Eye Color

  • Secret of Gold, Torch Song, Daisy, Pistachio, Waterlilies, Pussycat, Fable, Starry Night, Sterling, Spotlight, Nearly Nude, Paper Lantern, Little Sister, Chrysanthemum, Belladonna, Chateau, Museum, Tempest, Courtyard, Leatherbound

Alice in Wonderland collection includes:

Fantasy | Daydream

  • each set consists of blotting paper box, blotting paper refill and lip treatment stick

Alice in Wonderland


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5 Responses to Paul & Joe Beaute Wild Flowers Collection + Alice in Wonderland (Spring 2010.)

  1. Dorotea says:

    prekrasno *.*

  2. _LMC says:

    Kolekcija je preslatka :)

  3. pa.. ja moram rec da nisam bas odusevljena. volim ipak malo ozbiljnije pakiranje jer inace imam osjecaj da sam sminku dobila uz ok! il tak nesto slicno :)
    i ne volim sjajila koja se nanose prstima (hygiene freak? pomalo, da, zasto pitate?)..

  4. tonkich says:

    prekrasno <3
    gdje se to može kupiti?

  5. beautyaddict says:

    @tonkich – online, koliko ja znam. Kod nas nisu dostupni. :/

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