Terra Naturi Hydrating Fluid Hamamelis – Cucumber

I purchased this fluid some time ago,  but as always – I’m quite late with my reviews. :D At that time I was looking for something new, I wanted to replace this serum so I decided to give this fluid a chance. I figured it couldn’t be that bad. :D

It turns out – I really like this product. It’s actually pretty good (I have combination skin, with some dehydrated areas from time to time) and I’m glad I got it! Lately I’ve had some issues with my nose being a bit dehydrated (and cheeks a bit) so I used it only for those parts, not my whole face. I have to admit it does a good job – I don’t have dehydrated parts since I’m using it. The packaging is simple, it comes with a pump which I like a lot. I just have to press it carefully if I don’t wanna get a lot of product out since I don’t need it for my whole face. The formula is somewhere in the middle – not too thick nor too thin. The only thing I don’t like about is the smell of it – it has some weird smell which isn’t that bad at all, but I just don’t like it. :)

It retails for approx. $5 / 3,5€ and it contains 30 ml of product. It might seem like a small amount, but actually it isn’t – such products should be used lightly so it will last. Anyway, at first I got attracted by the packaging and later I ended up liking this product since I was really surprised how good it is. :)

Overall rating:


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    svakak kupujem <3

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