Too Faced Candlelight Translucent Powder Swatch

I purchased Too Faced Candlelight the second I realized it was on sale in Sephora (50% off!). Photo above doesn’t actually shows how beautiful this powder actually is so I prepared few swatches for you and comparison with Lush Feeling Younger skin tint.

I have to say that after I tried Lush Feeling Yoounger skin tin I wasn’t that much excited about Candlelight because Feeling Younger is THE most beautiful product I’ve ever tried. EVER. :D But, let’s get back to Candlelight. This product comes with beautiful packaging and additional sponge in case you want to apply it all over your face (I haven’t and I wouldn’t do that). The formula is lovely and feels so fine under fingers. It’s also nicely applied. It can be used alone or with another blush in case you want additional shimmer on your cheeks.

Close-up with flash:

This powder is translucent and it has golden shimmer

Here are my swatches. 1st one was taken in natural daylight without flash. The other one was taken with flash so you could see how that shimmer pops out :)

And here is Candleligh vs. Lush Feeling Younger :)

These are actually really similar products and the main difference is their formula. Feeling Younger has this lovely creamy formula and once it’s applied it gives you that healthy shine wherever you want it. Also, it looks more natural to me. Candlelight is beautiful as well but if applied heavily it can look powdery. Feeling Younger can’t look powdery but you could look too shiney if you apply it too much. :D

All in all, not both of them are must haves and since Too Faced isn’t available in Croatia anymore I’d recommend Feeling Younger. Especially if you like that natural shine all over your face. :)


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2 Responses to Too Faced Candlelight Translucent Powder Swatch

  1. Odlično sniženje moram priznati.
    Sviđaju mi se zlatne čestice i kako se krasno presijava. Mogu misliti kako lijepo izgleda na licu uz kompletan make up ..
    Art on my way´s last blog post ..Moja 1. nagrada: Sweet Blog Award

  2. Gladdenova says:

    Joj, ja sam kao svraka i patim na sve te gluposti kaj sjaje i bljeste :D Tako da cu ocigledno morati (radije) u Lush -.-
    Gladdenova´s last blog post ..Five days and six nights of Vienna

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