Too Faced Enchanted Holiday Collection 2010!

Too Faced I was really surprised when I saw Too Faced for Holiday 2010 because I think this is definitely a stunning collection! I’m interested in these palettes, especially in the Enchanted Glamourland Palette because I think it’s really a great deal! Especially when I got Glamour Revolution Palette! trenutak da još nešto kupim.

I don’t know if this will even be available in Croatia, I hope it will because I want to get something for holidays! :D

Collection includes:

Pixie Pin-Ups (£25.00 / $32.00)

  • 6 x 6,9 g (0.24 oz) Eye Shadow in Leading Lady, I Know What Boys Want, Lucky Charms, Heaven, Like a Virgin, and Erotica
  • 3,4 g (0.11 oz) Shadow Insurance Primer
  • 0,5 g (0.017 oz) Lava Gloss Super Black Eyeliner
  • 3,8 g (0.13 oz) Lash Injection Pinpoint Mascara in Black

Enchanted Glamourland ($49.00)

  • 15 x 0,90 g (0.03 oz) Eye Shadow in In The Buff, Exclusive Nude, George & Weezie, Velvet Revolver, Honey Pot, Teddy Bear, Exclusive Purple, Boy Toy, Peach Fuzz, Exclusive Green, Label Whore, Glamazon, Exclusive Plum, Ooh & Aah and Stiletto
  • 9,9 g (0.35 oz)  Shadow Insurance Primer
  • 3,3 g (0.12 oz) Glamour Gloss in Pillow Talk
  • 2,5 g (0.08 oz) La Vie en Rose Blush
  • 4,5 g (0.14 oz) Snow Bunny Bronzer
  • 3 Get-the-Look instruction cards

Glamour To Go Fairy Edition (£16.00 / $19.50)

  • 8 x 0,7 g (0.02 oz) Eye Shadow
  • 2,6 g (0.09 oz) Blush
  • 2,6 g (0.09 oz) Bronzer
  • 0,85 g (0.028 oz) Lip Gloss

Pixie Perfect ($45.00)

Cheap Trills set ($40.00)

Lip Fourplay ($32.00)

Tanning Bed in tube and Snow Bunny Lip Bronzer ($21.50)

Sources: Temptalia, Makeup4All

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7 Responses to Too Faced Enchanted Holiday Collection 2010!

  1. calmy says:

    Želim! SVE SVE! <3 <3 <3
    barem jedna paleta će biti moja. Hoće, hoće :D
    calmy´s last blog post ..Duga- lijepa i njegovana kosa – darivanje

    • beautyaddict says:

      Al’ smo skromni! :D LOL
      No, i moja će biti barem jedna paleta. Ako ikad stigne do nas. :D

  2. EyeWannaBe says:

    Ova Glamour to go paleta me najviše privlači <3
    EyeWannaBe´s last blog post ..Duga- lijepa i njegovana kosa – darivanje

  3. Dorotea says:

    predivne su palete :D još ako bude neka poslijebožićna akcija <3

  4. Zmijica says:

    Yep, Glamour to go je na slikama predivna, a u stvarnosti… boje su lijepe, ali skroz drugačije. Rumenilo je totalno rozo, rozo.

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