Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti Dry Oil Review

Few months ago my darling got me few Yves Rocher products and one of them was also Monoi de Tahiti Dry Oil – my love at first scent! 

Yves Rocher says:
Enriched with Monoï de Tahiti, this dry and protective, scented and non-greasy oil, is perfectly suited for already tanned skin. It disappears on the skin, instantly leaving it satiny and moisturised. It hydrates your skin as it provides protection from the sun. And best of all… it promotes a rich, deep tan and leaves your skin scented with its stirring, exotic notes.

This product comes in a plastic spray bottle and the design isn’t really special at all (maybe better so, I think it would be probably much more expensive if it was special lol). I’m happy with how it works, had no issues with the spraying mechanism (some bottles with spray mechanism don’t work too long for me for some reason). As I mentioned few times now, I fell in love with it the first time I tried it and the reason I loved it so much is how beautifully it smells. Don’t remember the last time I tried something so exotic and enchanting.  Okay, it could possibly have to do with the fact that I love Tiare flowers and coconut so this scent is a go for me. :)

This product has spf 2 though that isn’t mentioned anything on the bottle and it is recommended for intense taning for darker skin (I don’t use it for that, I have no issue with tanning fast). I used it always before going to bed since I love to smell like Tiare :D The reason I love dry oils is simple – it’s dry oil. That means these products are fast absorbing and they are non-greasy though they have oily formula. This one leaves skin soft and moisturised.  Scent is a bit intense at the beginning but it disappeares with time (after an hour it’s much less intense).

Price  \  Availibility

I can’t remember the exact price of it but it was somewhere around $12-$14. It’s available in every Yves Rocher store.

Have you tried this product already? I’ve also noticed they have the same edt but somehow managed NOT to buy it. :D

- simple and easy bottle design, good for traveling
- fast absorbing, non-greasy
- lovely scent
- smooth skin

- scent isn’t long-lasting


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  1. Manon says:

    Obožavam suha ulja, trenutno su mi na wish listi nova od The Body Shopa, ali su papreno skupa… Ovo mi se čini kao puno prihvatljivija cijena, a i obožavam miris Tiare cvjetova u bilo kojem obliku…
    Manon´s last blog post ..NOTD #8

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